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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aniara reduces price on two clinical products Biophen Protein C and ATIII kits.

Aniara is happy to be able to reduce cost on two of our products. These product are very similar in performance with most companies. Most labs do not want to change them because they are working well. I only ask that you do a quick calculation how much you pay per test with your current kit and compare it with our per test cost and then multiply it with amount of tests you use per year to see how much money you can save your lab. By changing to the Biophen Protein C or ATIII kit. You will keep or improve the quality of the testing, while you will at the same time save money for your lab. For clinical evaluation we will provide a free kit if it is used within 4 weeks of the request. We have applications for most instrument for these products.

Biophen Protein C 2.5 is now $195/kit or $2.60/test
For more info:
Biophen Protein C 5 is now $495/kit or $1.77/test
For more info:
Biophen ATIII 2.5 is now $65/kit or $1.30/test
For more info:
Biophen ATIII 5 is now $250/kit or $1.25/test
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