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Donna Castellone, MS, MT(ASCP)SH


Donna Castellone

Articles by Donna Castellone, MS, MT(ASCP)S

Presently, I am both the Supervisor of Special Coagulation and the QA Manager for Specialty Testing at New York Presbyterian Hospital- Columbia. I also am an adjunct professor at SUNY Stony Brook, New York and a guest lecturer at Rutgers in New Jersey.

I have given hundreds of lectures on coagulation throughout the world, and presented posters at many conferences. One of my passions is writing, and I have published over 100 articles and worked on 5 text books. I have 32 years of clinical laboratory experience and an additional 6 years working in industry with clinical trial experience

I am on the Editorial Board for Laboratory Medicine and Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory. Additionally, my involvement with ASCP has put me on the Workshop committee, Board of Registry and currently I serve as co-chair of the Editorial Board. I am also on the executive committee of NASCOLA (North American Specialized Coagulation Laboratories Association). I am a member of the CLSI guidelines committee:  Hematology Area and worked on the CLSI  Lupus Anticoagulant 2010-2014 and chair the CLSI Factor Assay document.  
My honors include throughout my career include:

  • Regional Associate Member Award – American Society for Clinical Pathology: 1998
  • Distinguished Service Alumni Award- SUNY Stony Brook, School of Health Technology and Management: 1999
  • Distinguished Service Award – American Society for Clinical Pathology:  2003
  • Board of Registry Chair’s Award – Hematology and Special Hematology Examination, American Society for Clinical Pathology: 2006.
  • Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist of the Year - Aniara:  2006
  • Honored speaker XV Congreso Chieno de Tecnologia- Santiago de Chile: 2010
  • Customer Service Excellence- American Society for Clinical Pathology:2011

 On a personal note, I am married for 38 years to a very patient man Eugene, and have 3 wonderful daughters, 2 sons-in-law and an outstanding grandson and an amazing granddaughter! My husband and I love to travel, play golf, and of course see as many Yankee games as possible.  We live in very close proximity to New York City and take full advantage of all that there is to offer.

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