The products on this list are cleared as medical devices by the US Food and Drug Administration for in vitro diagnostic use in the United States.
All other Hyphen-Biomed products are intended for research use only in US.

Code Name Price  
A223405 BIOPHEN Act. PC-r Control Plasma $243.00
A223301 BIOPHEN Abnormal Control Plasma - IVD $219.00
A221102 BIOPHEN Antithrombin 2.5 $124.00
A221105 BIOPHEN Antithrombin 5 $385.00
A221003 BIOPHEN Heparin 3 $243.00
A221006 BIOPHEN Heparin 6 $559.00
A222001 BIOPHEN Heparin Calibrator $341.00
A223801 BIOPHEN LMWH Control C3 $219.00
A224201 BIOPHEN LMWH Control C4 $219.00
A223701 BIOPHEN LMWH Control Low $219.00
A224301 BIOPHEN LMWH Control Low Cl $219.00
A224401 BIOPHEN LMWH Control Low Cll $219.00
A223001 BIOPHEN LMWH Control Plasma $219.00
A222101 BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator - IVD $436.00
A221205 BIOPHEN Protein C 5 $864.00
A222301 BIOPHEN UFH Calibrator $341.00
A224101 BIOPHEN UFH Control C1 $219.00
A223901 BIOPHEN UFH Control C2 $219.00
A223101 BIOPHEN UFH Control Plasma $219.00
ACK065K HEMOCLOT Quanti-V-L $280.00