Medicago is a primary manufacturer of a wide variety of exceptionally pure lectins purified by affinity chromatography. Lectins are non-enzymatic proteins of non-immunoglobulin origin that bind specifically and reversibly to carbohydrate moieties without altering the covalent structure of the glycosyl ligands.

The term ‘lectin’ is derived from the latin word legere, meaning ‘to select’. The specificity of a lectin is usually defined by the monosaccharides or oligosaccharides that are best at inhibiting the agglutination or precipitation caused by the lectin. Lectins are usually of plant origin but do occur in many types of organism; some are glycoproteins and may be soluble or membrane-bound.

The biological function of lectins is far from fully explored. Their specificity enables binding to glycoproteins and polysaccharides as well as agglutination of erythrocytes and stimulation of blood lymphocytes. Because of their ability to distinguish glycosyl ligands on human red blood cells, lectins can be used for blood typing.Immobilized lectins can be used in affinity chromatography to purify and isolate glycoproteins, glycolipids, polysaccharides, viruses and cells. Carbohydrate-containing substances bound to the lectin may be eluted with a competitive binding substance.

Medicago offers lectins as a freeze-dried powder or as a solution manufactured under aseptic conditions. If you don’t find the lectin you are looking for, we can certainly produce it for you. Furthermore, we offer different custom lectin conjugates on request.

Code Name Price  
A05-0134-2mg Aleuria aurantia lectin (AaL) (2 mg) $179.00
A05-0134-100mg Aleuria aurantia lectin (AaL) (100 mg) Price Inquiry
A05-0134-1000mg Aleuria aurantia lectin (AaL) (1 gram) Price Inquiry
A05-0116-10mg Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) (10 mg) $118.00
A05-0116-50mg Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) (50 mg) $431.00
A05-0116-1000mg Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) (1 gram) Price Inquiry
A05-0133-10mg Artocarpus integrifolia lectin (Jacalin) (10 mg) $125.00
A05-0133-100mg Artocarpus Integrifiolia lectin (Jacalin) (100 mg) $880.00
A05-0133-1000mg Artocarpus Integrifiolia lectin (Jacalin) (1 gram) Price Inquiry
A05-0106-100mg Concanavalin A (Con A) (100 mg) $54.00
A05-0106-250mg Concanavalin A (Con A) (250 mg) $71.00
A05-0106-1000mg Concanavalin A (Con A) (1 g) $168.00
A05-0105-10mg Crotalaria juncea lectin (10 mg) $295.00
A05-0105-50mg Crotalaria juncea lectin (50 mg) $1,045.00
A05-0105-1000mg Crotalaria juncea lectin (1 gram) Price Inquiry
A05-0120-5mg Galanthus nivalis lectin (GNA) (5 mg) $137.00
A05-0120-1000mg Galanthus nivalis lectin (GNA) (1 gram) Price Inquiry
A05-0117-10mg Glycine max lectin (SBA) (10 mg) $142.00
A05-0117-50mg Glycine max lectin (SBA) (50 mg) $587.00
A05-0117-1000mg Glycine max lectin (SBA) (1 gram) Price Inquiry