Calibrators and controls prepared with high quality, selected, human citrated plasma from blood bank healthy donors. They are established against International Standards, when available.

Code Name Price  
A226001-RUO BIOPHEN Rivaroxaban Calibrator Low $180.00
A224701-RUO Dabigatran Control Plasma $180.00
A222801-RUO Dabigatran Plasma Calibrator $180.00
A222901-RUO BIOPHEN Dabigatran Calibrator Low $180.00
A225001-RUO BIOPHEN Dabigatran Control Low $180.00
A225301-RUO BIOPHEN Apixaban Control $180.00
A225201-RUO BIOPHEN Apixaban Control Low $180.00
A226201-RUO BIOPHEN Apixaban Calibrator $180.00
A226101-RUO BIOPHEN Apixaban Calibrator Low $180.00
A223201 BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma - IVD $219.00
A223301-RUO BIOPHEN Abnormal Control Plasma - RUO $219.00
A222101-RUO BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator - RUO $436.00
ASC081K-RUO LA Control Plasma $184.00
ASC082K-RUO LA Control Plasma Weak $84.00
ASC083K-RUO LA Control Plasma High $100.00
A224901-RUO BIOPHEN FVIIa Control Set $120.00
A226301-RUO BIOPHEN Calibrator FVIIa $148.00