Rat Cytokine ELISPOT/ELISA assays

Cytokine ELISPOT assay
U-CyTech offers various rat cytokine ELISPOT kits including kits for the detection of IFN-gamma, IL-4 and TNF-alpha producing cells. These kits are available in different formats (2-, 5- or 20-plate kits) and can be supplied with reagents producing either red or black spots on PVDF membrane- or polystyrene-bottomed plates.

Cytokine ELISA
U-CyTech has developed various ELISA kits for the detection of rat cytokines in cell culture supernatant, plasma or serum. To obtain kits with high sensitivity and accuracy, it is U-CyTech's policy to develop and select "in house" specific mono- and polyclonal antibodies with high affinity for a range of rat cytokines. The validated compatibility of these antibodies with certain high-quality ancillary reagents and plates guarantees trouble-free operation and optimal results.

Code Name Price  
ACT704-10 Rat TNF-α ELISA antibody pair $1,310.00
ACT704-20 Rat TNF-α ELISA antibody pair $2,301.00
ACT075A Rat TNF-α ELISA kit $821.00
ACT064 pAb rabbit anti-rat TNF-α Biotin-labeled $584.00
ACT062 pAb rabbit anti-rat TNF-α $295.00
ACT023 pAb rabbit anti-rat IFN-α1 $376.00