The BIOPHEN® line of chromogenic substrates is a new line of generic chromogenic substrates, for testing enzymes involved in coagulation and fibrinolysis. These substrates offer a prolonged stability following reconstitution. Assays designed with some of these substrates, their calibrators and controls are presented in a former section. The expanding line of chromogenic substrates is presented here below. All these substrates are carefully synthesized, then purified and stabilized. They offer a high reactivity and a low background noise. They must be handled with care, in order to avoid any bacterial or enzymatic contamination during use.

Code Name Price  
A229061 BIOPHEN CS-61(44) - Urokinase Chromogenic Substrate (1 x 25 mg) $383.00
A229014C Biophen CS-11(65) - Factor Xa Chromogenic Substrate (12x25 mg) $2,770.00