The reagents and biochemicals are extensively tested and are of very high quality, suitable for use in numerous biotechnology applications. These reagents meet stringent requirements, such as adherence to compendial references where applicable and extremely low levels of trace element contamination.

Code Name Price  
A16-0020-1000 Sucrose (Saccharose) (1 kg) $86.00
A16-0014-1000 Tri Sodium Citrate (1 kg) $98.00
A16-0021-500 Tris (500 grams) $74.00
A16-0022-500 Tris-HCI (500 grams) $122.00
A16-0023-250 Tween 20 (250 ml) $34.00
A16-0023-1000 Tween 20 (1000 ml) $86.00
A16-0025-500 Urea (500 grams) $86.00