HYPHEN BioMed proposes a technical approach which makes easier using the ELISA technology, which remains the reference methodology when high sensitivity, accuracy and specificity are required. We developed a line of two site ELISAS, designed with highly specific polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies, optimized and standardized, which fit the best your laboratory requirements.

The line CE marked ELISA kits, dedicated to diagnosis, is expanding.

The ZYMUTEST line of reagents is a ready to use and complete line of Enzyme Immuno Assays (ELISA), optimized and disposable, for the exploration of plasma factors, fibrinolysis, autoimmunity and markers of thrombotic diseases. They include calibrators and controls.

They give reliable measurements, with high reproducibility, and are easy to perform. They are calibrated by reference to the International Standards from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls (NIBSC, Potters Bar, UK), when available. Alternatively, an internal reference preparation gives high reproducibility from lot to lot.

All the assays use a Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP) marker, and Tetra-Methyl Benzidine (TMB) as substrate. Color development is measured at 450 nm. These assays are all designed to be insensitive to rheumatoid factor.

Code Name Price  
A521196 ZYMUPHEN MP-TF $674.00
ARK029C-OND ZYMUTEST ACA-APA, IgA - Isotype Price Inquiry
ARK029A-RUO-OND ZYMUTEST ACA-APA, IgG - Isotype Price Inquiry
ARK029B-RUO-OND ZYMUTEST ACA-APA, IgM - Isotype Price Inquiry
ARK004A ZYMUTEST Annexin V $676.00
ARK039A-RUO ZYMUTEST Anti FVIII IgG Mono Strip, IgG - Isotype $416.00
ARK005A ZYMUTEST Anti-Annexin V, IgG $676.00
ARK005B ZYMUTEST Anti-Annexin V, IgM $676.00
ARK014C-OND ZYMUTEST Anti-B2-Glycoprotein I, IgA - Isotype Price Inquiry
ARK014A-RUO ZYMUTEST Anti-B2-Glycoprotein I, IgG - Isotype $572.00
ARK014B-RUO ZYMUTEST Anti-B2-Glycoprotein I, IgM - Isotype $572.00
ARK026A-OND ZYMUTEST Anti-Protein C, IgG - Isotype Price Inquiry
ARK026B-OND ZYMUTEST Anti-Protein C, IgM - Isotype Price Inquiry
ARK020A ZYMUTEST Anti-Protein S, IgG - Isotype $676.00
ARK020B ZYMUTEST Anti-Protein S, IgM - Isotype $676.00
ARK025A ZYMUTEST Anti-Protein Z, IgG - Isotype $572.00
ARK025B ZYMUTEST Anti-Protein Z, IgM - Isotype $572.00
ARK007A-OND ZYMUTEST Anti-Prothrombin, IgG Price Inquiry