Cytokine ELISA

The sandwich type Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA) from U-CyTech is a simple and sensitive assay for the determination of cytokine levels in biological fluids. The assay is conducted in antibody-coated microtiter plates where serial dilutions with unknown concentrations of cytokines are brought into the wells of the plate. The bound cytokine is then allowed to associate with a biotinylated detector antibody and an enzyme-labeled streptavidin polymer. Subsequently, a chromogenic substrate is introduced producing a colored product that can be determined spectrophotometrically.

U-CyTech has developed various ELISA kits for the detection of human cytokines in cell culture supernatant, plasma or serum. To obtain kits with high sensitivity and accuracy, it is U-CyTech's policy to develop "in house" specific mono- and polyclonal antibodies with high affinity for a wide range of human cytokines. The validated compatibility of these antibodies with certain high-quality ancillary reagents and plates guarantees trouble-free operation and optimal results. 

Code Name Price  
ACT200A Human GM-CSF ELISA kit $880.00
ACT211A Human Granzyme B ELISA Kit $880.00
ACT201A Human IFN-γ ELISA kit $880.00
ACT206A Human IL-10 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT210A Human IL-12p70 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT208A Human IL-13 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT516A Human IL-17 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT202A Human IL-2 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT517A Human IL-23 ELISA kit (supernatant only) $880.00
ACT203A Human IL-4 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT204A Human IL-5 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT205A Human IL-6 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT212A Human IL-8 ELISA kit $880.00
ACT391A Human Perforin ELISA Kit $880.00
ACT209A Human TNF-α ELISA kit $880.00
ACT389A Human G-CSF ELISA kit $539.00
ACT520A Human IL-31 ELISA kit $884.00
ACT521A Human MCP-1 ELISA kit $884.00
ACT522A Human IP-10 ELISA kit $884.00
ACT523A Human IL-7 ELISA kit $884.00