We offer a complete line of Thrombin based reagents.

These reagents are designed with highly purified bovine or human thrombin (see SDS-PAGE shown), mainly in the alpha-form.

This range of assays includes a conventional Thrombin Time (bovine Thrombin) assay (highly sensitive to heparins), a Calcium Thrombin Time designed with human Thrombin and highly sensitive to all thrombin inhibitors and a quantitative assay for measuring direct Hirudin inhibitors activities.

Code Name Price  
A220202-RUO BIOPHEN DTI (Direct Thrombin Inhibitors) $267.00
ACK001K HEMOCLOT Thrombin (Human) (6 x 2 mL) $63.00
ACK001L HEMOCLOT Thrombin (Human) (6 x 8 mL) $168.00
ACK002K-RUO HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors (3 x 1 mL) $115.00
ACK002L-RUO HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors (3 x 2.5 mL) $267.00
ACK011K-RUO HEMOCLOT Thrombin Time (T.T.) (6 x 2 mL) $46.00
ACK011L-RUO HEMOCLOT Thrombin Time (T.T.) (6 x 8 mL) $137.00
A224701-RUO Dabigatran Control Plasma $180.00
A222801-RUO Dabigatran Plasma Calibrator $180.00
A222901-RUO BIOPHEN Dabigatran Calibrator Low $180.00
A225001-RUO BIOPHEN Dabigatran Control Low $180.00