Prionex® 10% - RUO

Prionex® 10% - RUO
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Product Description

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Prionex® is a superior alternative to BSA and HSA. Unlike BSA, Prionex® is safe and easy to work with. It is water soluble, consistent from lot-to-lot, non-antigenic, additive-free and prion-free. In protein stabilization, it has been shown to maintain the activity of proteins and enzymes during heat exposure, lyophilization, and in long-term storage. Prionex® can be used in assay procedures to prevent non-specific binding.

A polypeptide fraction of highly purified dermal collagen of porcine origin which has excellent protein stabilizing properties. Due to the chemical nature and the standardised quality, Prionex can be used as an inert protein stabilizer in any kind of application, furthermore as an additive for cell culture media. Meeting all purity requirements for gelatine of the Pharmacopoeias USP XXII, Eur. Ph., DAB 9, Ph. H. VII, an application as a stabilizer of pharmaceutical polypeptide and protein preparations for parenteral human use is possible.

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