Imidazole Buffer (12 x 25 mL)

In US: General Purpose Reagent for Laboratory Use.
In EU: This Product is CE Marked.
Imidazole Buffer (12 x 25 mL)
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Product Description

Solution containing Imidazole (0.05M), sodium chloride (0.1M) and Sodiumazide (0.2 g/l) as preservative.


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AAR021L 12 x 25 mL N/A
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Ready to use
pH 7.30
12x25 mL For in vitro use only.

General purpose reagent for laboratory use.

For use as diluent in coagulation assays.

Streamline Laboratory Procedures

Ready-to-use reagents and buffers, from Medicago AB. Available in tablets and pouches.


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