EC-Blue Enhanced Substrate (TMB) (5 liter)

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EC-Blue Enhanced Substrate (TMB) (5 liter)
Code: A10-9405-5
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 10-9405-5
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Product Description

EC-Blue EnhancedTM Substrate is a ready-to-use liquid substrate for HRP, specially developed for ELISA applications. EC-Blue EnhancedTM Substrate turns deep blue (620-650 nm) in the presence of a peroxidase-labelled conjugate. Colour development can be stopped by adding 0.5 M H2SO4 (Article no. A10-9500-50), which turns the substrate yellow (450 nm).

EC Blue EnhancedTM contains a proprietary ready-to-use chromogen substrate mixture. The solution has a straw-yellow color at room temperature and a light greenish tint when stored at 4°C. The colour returns to normal when warmed to room temperature.

For laboratory use only.


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A10-9405-5 5 liter
Features Specifications Applications
Ready-to-use liquid substrate.
Substrate for assays using horseradish peroxidase (HRP).
Low background.
High sensitivity.
Long stability.
Appearance: Straw yellow color at room temperature. Slightly green tint when stored at +4°C. Color returns to yellow when stored at room temperature.
Protein content: One bottle of EC Blue consist of a solution containing chromogen substrate reagents already mixed, pH 3, 8.
Functional characteristics: Functional testing shows less than 10% average standard deviation from previously approved lots of chromogen. Test performed in the same assay. Background optical densities shows less than 10% deviation from that of previously approved lots when tested in the same assay.
Storage: 2°C to 8°C.
Recommended for ELISA procedures.


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EC-Blue Enhanced Substrate EC-Blue Enhanced Substrate N/A N/A