mAb mouse anti-monkey IFN-γ

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mAb mouse anti-monkey IFN-γ
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Application: ELISPOT, Immunohistochemistry, In vivo and in vitro neutralization,Intracellular staining, Luminex technology and Western blot analysis. Specificity: Binds with similar affinity to natural human, rhesus macaque, cynomolgus monkey, pig-tailed macaque, Japanese macaque, crested black macaque, barbary macaque, lion-tailed macaque, baboon, mandrill, African green monkey and black mangabey IFN-γ.Clone: MD-1. Isotype: Mouse IgG1. Production: In vitro using serum free medium. Purification: Ion exchange chromatography. Packaging: Lyophilized and vacuum-packed. Contents: 0.5 mg/vial. Buffer: Prior to lyophilization: 0.5 ml PBS + 125 mM trehalose.


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ACT101 0.5 mg/vial

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