Monkey G-CSF ELISA kit

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Monkey G-CSF ELISA kit
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Cytokines and chemokines are a group of signaling proteins critically involved in various physiological processes such as immune regulation, cell differentiation, cell proliferation and chemotaxis. They are produced by a variety of different cell types in many vertebrate species and are active at very lowconcentrations mostly in the picogram to femtogram range. Cytokines are usually produced transiently and locally, acting in a paracrine or autocrine manner and interact with high affinity cell surface receptors specific for each cytokine or cytokine group. Chemokines are a family of small cytokines (with four conserved cysteine residues), which can mediate chemoattraction between cells. Some chemokines are homeostatic in nature and are constitutively produced and secreted, while others areconsidered inflammatory and are only produced by cells during infection or a pro-inflammatory stimulus. Another important group of signaling proteins involved in the immune system is Perforin and granzymes (serine proteases), which are linked with cell apoptosis.

The ELISA assay is one of the primary and most popular methods to detect and measure signaling proteins. U-CyTech has developed various high-quality ELISA kits for the detection of cytokines, chemokines and granzymes for human, monkey (including macaques and marmoset), mouse and rat. These assays are widely applied in different research fields, including cancer research, vaccine development, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, organ transplantation and parasitology. Hundreds of peer-reviewed publications describe the successful use of U-CyTech’s ELISA systems in different biological fluids.

Coating antibody
Biotinylated detector antibody
Cytokine standard (5x)
Streptavidin-HRP (SPP) conjugate
TMB substrate solution
Stop solution
Cytokine stabilization buffer (CSB)
BSA stock solution (10%)
ELISA plates with cover slips
Detailed manual


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