Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit

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Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit
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Product Description

The dual-color cytokine FluoroSpot assay is a modification of the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSPOT (ELISPOT) assay and is designed to detect double cytokine-secreting T cells at the single cell level. The assay is based on the use of fluorescent- instead of enzymatic-labeled conjugates. Previous attempts to develop an immunoenzymatic dual-color ELISPOT assay were less successful because of problematic interpretation of mixed color spots. The dual-color FluoroSpot assay, however, provides good discrimination between single and double cytokine-secreting cells and is particularly suited to detect T cell subpopulations with a characteristic cytokine profile. The sensitivity of the assay lends itself to measure very low frequencies of cytokine-secreting T cells (1/300,000).


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ACT850-F2 2-plate
Contents Characteristics
Coating antibodies
Biotinylated detector antibodies
Fluorescent-labeled conjugate
Blocking stock solution R
Dilution buffer R
Spot enhancer
PVDF FluoroSpot plates with lids and cover slips
IFN-γ (green) and IL-10 (red)


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Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit