Galanthus nivalis lectin (GNA) (1 gram)

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Galanthus nivalis lectin (GNA) (1 gram)
Code: A05-0120-1000mg
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 05-0120-1000
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Product Description

Galanthus nivalis lectin is isolated from snowdrop bulbs and has a molecular weight of 52 kDa. The lectin contains little or no carbohydrate and does not need Ca2+ or Mn2+ for binding, since unlike most mannose-specific lectins it is not a metalloprotein. Structures containing (α-1,3) mannose residues are preferred for binding. Unlike the majority of mannose-binding lectins, GNA does not bind alpha-linked glucose.

Galanthus nivalis lectin is supplied without preservatives as a lyophilized powder.

Larger quantities are available on request.

For laboratory use only.


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A05-0120-1000mg 1 gram
Features Specifications Applications
Contains little or no carbohydrate.
Binds serum IgM and α2-macroglobulin.
Sugar specificity: structures containing (α-1,3) mannose residues.
Appearance: White to cream colored lyophilized powder.
Source: Snowdrop bulbs.
Molecular weight: 52 kDa.
Sugar specificity: (α-1,3) Man residues.
Activity: Blood group non-specific.
Microorganisms: < 100 CFU/g.
Protein content: > 85 %, OD280nm (ε 1mg/ml = 1.14), >95%, essentially salt free.
Identity: SDS-PAGE, one band at 13 kDa.
Shelf life: > Five years when stored at -20°.
Model systems to help understand the molecular basis of how proteins recognize carbohydrates.
HIV research.


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