Recombinant rat IFN-α1 (Baculo virus)

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Recombinant rat IFN-α1 (Baculo virus)
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Production: By Spodoptera frugiperda insect cells (Sf9) transfected with a recombinant baculovirus harbouring the chromosomal gene encoding a structural gene for a rat IFN-α subtype. The cytokine is produced by these cells in serum-free medium. Specificity: Exhibits a high degree of species specificity as its antiviral bioactivity on mouse cells is approximately 6% and on human cells less than 0.1% of the homologous bioactivity. Purification: By chromatographic procedures. Purity: Partially purified. Endotoxin: < 1 EU/vial Packaging: Lyophilized and vacuum-packed. Contents: 1 x 105 units/vial (= 1 µg/vial) Buffer: Prior to lyophilization: 0.15 ml citric acid buffered saline (CBS pH 5.0) + 125 mM trehalose.


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ACT048 1 µg/vial (1 x 105 units/vial)

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