Human IgG B cell ELISPOT kit

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Human IgG B cell ELISPOT kit
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Product Description

5-plate black spots (supplied with plates) transparent plates

The B cell ELISPOT (Enzyme-linked Immunospot) assay has been designed to identify and enumerate individual antibody secreting cells (ASC) in single cell suspensions of (most commonly) peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).

Coating antibodies (lyophilized) for assay I
Biotinylated detector antibodies (lyophilized
B cell stimulus (lyophilized)
φ-labeled anti-biotin antibodies (GABA) (lyophilized)
Activator I
Activator II
Blocking stock solution B (10x)
Dilution buffer T (10x
Transparent 96-well ELISPOT plates with lids
Adhesive cover slips


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ACT780-T5 5-plate black spots

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Human IgG B cell ELISPOT kit Human IgG B cell ELISPOT kit Human IgG B cell ELISPOT kit Human IgG B cell ELISPOT kit