Mouse IgG2a B cell ELISPOT kit

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Mouse IgG2a B cell ELISPOT kit
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5-plate black spots (supplied with plates), transparent plates

The B cell ELISPOT assay has been designed to determine the frequency of individual antibody secreting B cells (ASCs) in single cell suspensions of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). The assay makes it possible to identify and enumerate both the total and antigen-specific ASCs and is particularly useful to detect the presence of long-term memory B cells in blood samples. The high sensitivity and easy performance, makes the ELISPOT assay eminently well suited to monitor B cell responses.

Coating antibodies (total number IgG secreting B cells)
Biotinylated detector antibodies
B cell stimulus
Phi-labeled goat anti-biotin antibodies
Activator solutions
Blocking stock solution B
Dilution buffer T
Transparent plates
Detailed manual


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ACT792-T5 5-plate black spots

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Mouse IgG B-cell ELISPOT kit Mouse IgG B-cell ELISPOT kit Mouse IgG B-cell ELISPOT kit Mouse IgG B-cell ELISPOT kit