umuC Easy CS

umuC Easy CS

Code: AG06-118-OND
Manufacturer’s Part Number: G06-118
Product size: 6 samples kit (2 x 96 wells)

Price: Discontinued

Product Description

umuC CS

Product Characteristics

  • 1-Day Microplate Format Genotoxicity Assay for testing of Concentrated Samples, using S. typhimurium TA1535/pSK1002 with media and reagents as described in ISO 13829.
  • Each Xenometrix umuC Easy kit contains enough bacteria, media and reagents for 192 determinations. This allows, for example, to test a total of 6 compounds, 4 diclutions each, in triplicates, with positive and negative controls, in the absence and presence of S9. The assay can be performed as 1 or 2 separate experiments (6 or 3 compounds per experiment, respectively).
  • Positive controls, 1 vial each, PPC-AA01 and PPC-NQ02, and Lyophilized rat liver S9 (Aroclor 1254-induced), 1 vial, PRS-AC01, must be ordered separately.
  • Microplates not included. Please refer to IFU for complete list of kit contents.

Product Components

  • 2 Vials Semisolid Medium TA1535.
  • 4 Vials Amp-icillin.
  • ONPG Substrate Solution.
  • 2-mercaptoethanol.
  • TG medium.
  • B-buffer.
  • Stop reagent.

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