Coagulation Corner

Does INR play a role in any way in patients that are on the direct oral anticoagulants?

The mission of World Thrombosis Day
is to increase global awareness of thrombosis.

It is important to understand the impact of hormone treatment and the risk of thrombosis as well as the coagulation profile of transgender patients.

The impact of monkeypox on coagulation results appears to be slight however may be exacerbated based on concurrent conditions.

Using a step-by-step approach to solve coagulation
problems is part to a good quality management system.

These guidelines are the most recent from the Anticoagulation Forum and cover the most recent and available evidence on COVID-19.

Having an understanding of what happens when enables you to know how to proceed with coagulation testing.

Coagulation is truly a puzzle. You need to be part scientist, part artist, and part detective to survive in this laboratory.

There appears to be an association between four coagulation factors and the occurrence of migraine with aura

February reminds us to take care of our heart both emotionally and physically.

The more that you can standardize a test, use purchased reagents, manufactures controls and minimize variables the better the outcomes.

As we end 2021, we hope to slow down the spread of this virus,
or we need to get used to the new normal.