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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heparin Anti IIa and Anti Xa activity assays and reagents from Aniara

Aniara is happy to announce a full assortment of kits and reagents for testing Heparin anti IIa and anti Xa activity in purified or plasma system. With the new guidelines from USP recommending now using a Heparin anti IIa activity assay and also doing a ratio with anti IIa and anti Xa.

We are please to inform all industrial clients, that need to implement this by August, 09. Aniara/Hyphen BioMed offer a two day training session at Hyphen BioMed's facility's in France. The meeting will discuss our products and include a wet shop where you will get the chance to setup the anti IIa and anti Xa assays either by using our kits or our bio reagents based on the USP guidelines or EP guidelines.

Aniara is happy to be in the forefront and the leader in this field and is happy with helping updating your current QC methods to meet the new guidelines in time.

For more information about these products please follow the link:

For more information or if you would like your local Account Executive to contact you please send an email to

Thank you


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