For today's most advanced diagnostic research reagents for Thrombosis, Hemostasis, and Autoimmunity.

An extensive selection of quality diagnostic and research kits are designed to provide outstanding performance in your laboratory.

HYPHEN BioMed is committed to continuous innovation, offering unsurpassed biological reagent expertise. They aim to be reliable partner who provides a link between fundamental research and specialized applications to meet any customer or laboratory needs in the field.

Product Line Definitions

HEMOCLOT™ A range of clotting assays designed with highly purified coagulation factors for IVD and research use as well as pharmaceutical activity.
BIOPHEN™ Innovative technology of chromogenic assays as well as calibrators and controls (traceable to international standards) for IVD but also research and pharmaceutical activity.
ZYMUTEST™ Complete line of highly sensitive, accurate specific Enzyme Immunoassays (ELISA) which remains the reference method for the exploration of thrombotic diseases, fibrinolysis, autoimmunity or drug induced complications such as HIT.
LIAPHEN™ A range of turbidimetric latex immunoassays for quantitative determination of different molecules on citrated human plasma or purified fluid.