Aniara Diagnostica is committed to driving continual exploration and discovery throughout the medical universe seeking new, enhanced, and innovative products. In order to further exploration, Aniara offers a Research Discount for academic researchers and an annual Aniara Grant for students/trainees focused in innovative coagulation/hematology research.

USP/EP Heparin QC - Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa (2 Stages) Heparin Assay
Medicago Buffers and Reagents
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Clinical Heparin Testing U.S.
Ames MPF by Xenometrix
Coagulation Reagents and Factor Assays
HYPHEN BioMed: Diagnostic and Research Reagents for Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Autoimmunity Medicago: Reagents and Buffers - Tablets and Pouches, Immuno Reagents and Bioactive Proteins U-CyTech Biosciences: Cytokine Reagents for Life Science Research
Xenometrix: Mutagenicity Assays and Cytotoxicity Screen Tools 5-Diagnostics: For Hemostasis Testing and Research IVD Products: United States (US), Canada, World, 510k