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Expires in: September 2024
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A221105 BIOPHEN™ Antithrombin 5 FB05589W 9/13/2024 510(k)
A221006 BIOPHEN™ Heparin 6 FB05549V 9/14/2024 510(k)
A221007 BIOPHEN™ Heparin (AT+) FB054118 9/14/2024 RUO
ADP100K Protein C Deficient Plasma (6 x 1 mL) FB05631A 9/16/2024 RUO
Expires in: October 2024
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A5D-82411S 5D Protein Stabilizer (50 mL) 191001-1 10/1/2024 RUO
A222101 BIOPHEN™ Plasma Calibrator FB06641A 10/7/2024 510(k)
AAR005L Tris-NaCI Buffer, with Albumin (pH 7.4) FB0791 10/27/2024 RUO
A226101-CAN BIOPHEN™Apixaban Calibrator Low FB07941C 10/29/2024 CE / HCL
Expires in: November 2024
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A5D-42102L Human α-2-Antiplasmin Deficient Plasma, Lyophilized, 1 mL 150301 11/1/2024 RUO
A222501-CAN BIOPHEN™ Arixtra Calibrator FB085318 11/5/2024 CE / HCL
APP020A Fibrin Fragment E (FFE) F2001619 11/11/2024 RUO
A226201-CAN BIOPHEN™ Apixaban Calibrator FB09011B 11/19/2024 CE / HCL
Expires in: December 2024
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A223501-CAN BIOPHEN™ Orgaran Control FB09841B 12/3/2024 CE / HCL
A221015-CAN BIOPHEN™ Heparin (LRT) (4 x 5 mL) FC1352ED 12/4/2024 CE / HCL
ARK036A ZYMUTEST™ Factor VII FB1038 12/13/2024 RUO
ACK521K-RUO CEPHEN™ 1 LS FB2046CH 12/22/2024 RUO
Expires in: January 2025
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A12-0018 USP-EP Anti-FXa and Anti-FIIa Assay for UFH Buffer with PEG (pH 8.4) (1 L) (1 pouch) 272508-01 1/1/2025 RUO