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Expires in: March 2020
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A521096 ZYMUPHEN MP-ACTIVITY F1800253 3/2/2020 RUO
AAR028K Tris-NaCI Buffer (pH 7.4) F1701058 3/9/2020 RUO
A226101-CAN BIOPHEN Apixaban Calibrator Low F1701092P1 3/14/2020 CE / HCL
ABE101D Purified Bovine Factor Xa (1x30 µg) F1600395 3/22/2020 RUO
A225401-RUO BIOPHEN Edoxaban Control Low F1701138 3/24/2020 RUO
A225501-RUO BIOPHEN Edoxaban Control F1701137 3/24/2020 RUO
A221015-CAN BIOPHEN Heparin (LRT)(4x5 mL) F1801339P3 3/25/2020 CE / HCL
A222901-RUO BIOPHEN Dabigatran Calibrator Low F1701168 3/28/2020 RUO
ASC011K Plasma PAI-1 Control F1601054 3/30/2020 RUO
Expires in: April 2020
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A225001-RUO BIOPHEN Dabigatran Control Low F1701198 4/4/2020 RUO
A221806-CAN BIOPHEN Factor IX F1701219P1 4/6/2020 CE / HCL
AAR017A ELISA Conjugate Diluent Buffer with Albumin F1601097 4/8/2020 RUO
Expires in: May 2020
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A12-0017 USP Heparin BSA Buffer without PEG (one pouch (1000 ml)) 205118 5/1/2020 RUO
A10-0027 Protein L Ligand Leakage ELISA (Standard Kit) 251810 5/1/2020 RUO
ASC035K-RUO Argatroban Control Plasma F1701356 5/2/2020 RUO
ADP040K-CAN FVIII:C Deficient Plasma 6x1 mL F1701353P2 5/5/2020 CE / HCL
APP020A Fibrin Fragment E (FFE) F1600580 5/11/2020 RUO
A224001-RUO BIOPHEN Arixtra® Control Plasma F1701422 5/11/2020 RUO
ARK032A ZYMUTEST Factor IX F1701554 5/24/2020 RUO
Expires in: June 2020
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
ARK024A ZYMUTEST Fibrinogen F1701559 6/5/2020 RUO
A224201 BIOPHEN LMWH Control C4 F1701555 6/6/2020 510(k)
A224201-CAN BIOPHEN LMWH Control C4 F1701555P7 6/6/2020 CE / HCL
ARK034A-OND ZYMUTEST Factor XIII-A F1601220 6/17/2020 RUO
ARK040A-CAN ZYMUTEST HIA IgG (Kit of 96 tests) F1800256P2 6/23/2020 CE / HCL
ACK041K-RUO HEMOCLOT Protein S F1800532 6/30/2020 RUO
Expires in: July 2020
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A221122-CAN BIOPHEN AT (Anti-IIa) F1800037P1 7/5/2020 CE / HCL
A5D-51426 5-CLOT NaPTT Reagent (5x10 mL) 819738 7/5/2020 RUO
APP002A Purified Human Fibrinogen, Plasminogen Free (1x5 mg) F1600825 7/18/2020 RUO
A225201-RUO BIOPHEN Apixaban Control Low F1800118 7/18/2020 RUO
A221705 BIOPHEN Factor X F1800147 7/25/2020 RUO
Expires in: August 2020
SKU Product Lot Expiry Date Clearance
A221006-CAN BIOPHEN Heparin 6 F1800176P5 8/8/2020 CE / HCL
A221006 BIOPHEN Heparin 6 F1800176 8/8/2020 510(k)
A222801-RUO Dabigatran Plasma Calibrator F1800179 8/8/2020 RUO