About the Grant

Aniara Diagnostica's Coagulation Research Grant provides $10,000 for established investigators (eg - faculty at an academic institution) and for students/trainees to do innovative coagulation / hematology research. Deadline for receipt of application is November 1, 2022.

The Aniara Research Panel awards one yearly $10,000 grant for specialized in hematology and coagulation research. All proposed projects must in the coagulation / hematology scientific field.


Funding is restricted to North America, South America, Latin America, and Nordic countries. This Grant Program does not pay educational tuition, nor does it offer scholarships of fellowships of any kind.


Applicants are expected to have advanced degress (Ph.D. or equivalent) and be associated with an educational organization or institution. Independent researchers or those pursuing a Ph.D.-level degree may apply, but awards to non-Ph.D. applicants are rare. As a general rule, all applicants are expected to have published a minimum of three articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Grant Amount

Aniara will award one $10,000 grant recipient per year.

Grant Restrictions

Aniara Coagulation Research Grants may not be used for indirect costs, overhead, and other expenses not directly related to the project. Fringe benefits are also excluded, as are salaries.

Funds may not be used for travel to scientific / professional meetings or conferences, legal actions, land acquisition, endowments, construction of permanent field stations, or publishing research results.

Thank you for applying.

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Aniara Coagulation Research Grant Brochure

Grant Application


Current - 2021

Jessica Cardenas, PhD


2020 - Saravanan Subramaniam, PhD

2017 - Christina M . Laukaitis, MD, PhD and Dr. Rohith Jesudas, MD

2015 - Randal Westrick, PhD

2013 - Luigi Brunetti, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, CGP

2012 - Dr. Chad M. Paton, PhD

2010 - Leonardo R. Brandao, MD

2009 - Dr. Mirta Schattner PhD

2008 - Dr. Graciela Krikun, PhD

2007 - Dr. Margaret Prechel, PhD

2006 - Dr. A. Valance Washington, PhD

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Dorothy Adcock
Medical Director / Laboratory Director Colorado
Coagulation Consultants, Inc. dba Esoterix Coagulation, Denver, Colorado

Dr. Kenneth A. Bauer
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. His hospital positions included Chief, Hematology Section, VA Boston Healthcare System, and Director, Thrombosis Clinical Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Dr. Charles S. Eby
Associate Director of Educational Programs, Division of Laboratory Medicine at Washington
University Saint Louis, Member of Barnes - Jewish Hospital Credentialing and Health Information Management Committees

Dr. Andreas Hillarp
Position as hospital chemist at the Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital, Malmo, Sweden

Dr. Mervyn A. Sahud, M.D., A.B.I. M.-Hem.
Medical Director Coagulation Department Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute

Dr. Sam Schulman
Associate professor in Internal Medicine at Karolinska Institute and since September 2004 also professor in medicine at McMaster University.

Agneta Siegbahn, MD, Ph.D
Professor in Clinical Coagulation Science Department of Medical Sciences, Clinical Chemistry Akademiska Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden.

Jogin R. Wu, Ph.D.
Associate Clincial Professor of Pathology, Duke University Medical Center. Associate Director, Clinical Coagulation Laboratory, Duke University Health System.