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Monday, May 11, 2009

NOW FDA approved for clinical use Measuring the APC Resistance associated with Factor V-L, quantitatively Second generation screenig assay for APC-R.

NEW CONCEPT FOR FV-LEIDEN Second generation for screening for APC-R. Reducing cost up to 50%/test compared to the old way of screening for APC-R. This new method is only available through Hyphen BioMed/Aniara.

For more information please follow the link below:

HEMOCLOT Quanti. V-L (ACK065L) kit is a clotting method proposed for measuring Factor V-L (Factor V Leiden) concentration in citrated plasma, by its resistance to the action of Activated Protein C (APC). The assay is performed in the presence of Activated Protein C. In presence of APC and Protein S (in excess), the prolongation of clotting time is directly related to the concentration of Normal Factor V, and inversely related to the amount of Factor V-Leiden (mutation R506Q).

Assay characteristics

- Quantitative reagent for measuring Factor V-L.

- No interference of plasma factor deficiencies (Other than that of Factor V).

- Excellent discrimination between Heterozygous, Homozygous and Normal's.

- Single test method performed with only a Clotting Time (CT).

Literature Links:

- Quantitative Assay for Measuring Factor V-Leiden Concentration in Plasma by its Resistance to the Action of Activated Protein C - Hemoclot Quanti-V-L (Ref. ACK065K)

- New Quantitative Assay for Factor V-Leiden - Measuring APC Resistance Associated with Factor V-Leiden Quantitatively (Ref. ACK061K/ACK061L)

- Quantitative Measurement Of Factor V-Leiden With a New, One Step, Calibrated, Clotting Assay (Ref. ACK061K/ACK061L)

- Classification of Factor V-Leiden Carriers by Quantitatively Measuring it's Procoagulant Activity Comparatively to that of Factor V (Ref. ACK065K, ACK061K, ACK071K and ARK009A)

- Quantitative Measurement of Factor V Leiden in Heterozygous and Homozygous Patients for the R506Q Factor V Mutation (Ref. ACK065K, ACK061K, ACK071, ARK009A)

ISTH Poster:

Product SKU and Pricing Information

HEMOCLOT Quanti V-L 510K/CE Cleared Clotting Set of 3x20 tests ACK065K $225

Factor V-L Calibrator 510K/CE Cleared Set of 3 (4x1 ml) ASC065K $125

V-L CAL (Undiluted) 510K/CE Cleared 2x3x0.5 ml A222401 $125

BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma 510k/CE Cleared 12x1 ml A223201 $175

Act PC-r Control Plasma 510K/CE Cleared 12x0.5 ml A223405 $195

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