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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Measuring the APC Resistance V Associated with Factor V-L, Quantitatively with the Hyphen Biomed kit

Measuring the APC Resistance V associated with Factor V-L, quantitatively
With The Hyphen Biomed Kit
FDA Approved (510K)

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Clinical background

The Factor V-L is insensitive to the action of Activated Protein C. Its presence induces a prolonged coagulant activity in blood (due to a prolonged survival of Factor Va activity), following activation of coagulation. Patients with Factor V-L (mutation R506Q), are exposed to an increased thrombotic risk. This risk, already present in heterozygous patients, where the Normal Factor V and Factor V-L are both present, is strongly enhanced in homozygous patients, who only have Factor V-L.
HEMOCLOT Quanti. V-L (ACK065L) kit is a clotting method proposed for measuring Factor V-L (Factor V Leiden) concentration in citrated plasma, by its resistance to the action of Activated Protein C (APC). The assay is performed in the presence of Activated Protein C. In presence of APC and Protein S (in excess), the prolongation of clotting time is directly related to the concentration of Normal Factor V, and inversely related to the amount of Factor V-Leiden (mutation R506Q).inhibition IIa Fibrinogen (in excess) Fibrin (Coagulation) II (in excess) PLPCa2+Or No inhibition PLPCa2+APC / PSXaVV-L

Assay characteristics

.Quantitative reagent for measuring Factor V-L.
.No interference of plasma factor deficiencies (Other than that of Factor V).
.Excellent discrimination between Heterozygous, Homozygous and Normals.
.Single test method performed with only a Clotting Time (CT).

Assay principle

The HEMOCLOT QuantiV-L Kit is a clotting method, triggered by purified Factor Xa, containing Phospholipids and Calcium, and is performed on the diluted tested plasma, in presence of Activated Protein C and Protein S. In the first step, the diluted plasma is mixed with purified clotting Factors (clotting mixture containing Prothrombin, Fibrinogen, Protein S and Activated Protein C (APC)), in a constant and optimized concentration. Then, the purified Factor Xa in presence of Phospholipids (PLP) is added. Clotting is initiated by the addition of Calcium (Ca2+). The clotting time is then recorded. Clotting time measured is inversely proportional to the concentration of factor V-L. There is an inverse linear relationship, on a bi logarithmicgraph paper, between the factor V-L concentration and the corresponding clotting time.

HEMOCLOT Quanti. V-L is now CE Marked and 510(k) approved

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Jonas Kingo
Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales
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