Ames II kits

The Ames II assay differs from the Ames MPF assays in that it comprises TA98 and TAMix, consisting of 6 histidine mutant Salmonella tester strains, TA7001-TA7006. Each of these mutants can be reverted only by a specific transition or transversion, so that all possible base-pair changes can be detected by TAMix. The TA700x tester strains are not included among the recommended tester strains in the current, formal test guidelines. The standardized, ready-to-use Ames II kits come in a liquid microplate format. They offer the following advantages as compared to the traditional assay: The kits include quality controlled S. typhimurium or E.coli strains and ready-to-use media. Optionally, S9, a S9 cofactor kit, and positive controls are also available. No in house quality control by the customer is required. The Ames II kits require less test compound: only 4 or 10 mg test compound per strain (with a top dose of 2 or 5 mg/ml, triplicates, +/- S9). A major reduction in price results from a significant lower consumption of liver S9. A further reduction in price results from the significantly less hands-on time and from faster and much easier reading of results. A third contribution to price reduction comes from the 6-fold reduced volume of contaminated plastic ware and thus reduced disposal costs.

Xenometrix offers practical training and in-house testing of the Ames MPF and Ames II assays in its facilities in Allschwil.

Code Name Price  
AE10-213-S2-P Ames II TA220 - 10 Sample Kit - Pos.Contr. S2 (Liquid/Frozen) $3,067.00
AE10-213-S1-P Ames II TA220 - 10 Sample Kit-Incl. Pos. Controls S1 (Liquid/Frozen) $3,067.00
AE10-213 Ames II TA220 Automated System for High Throughput (Liquid/Frozen) (10 samples kit) $2,519.00
AE01-213-S2-P Ames II TA225 - 1 Sample Kit - Pos.Contr. S2 (Liquid/Frozen) $782.00
AE01-213-S1-P Ames II TA225 - 1 Sample Kit-Incl. Pos. Controls (Liquid/Frozen) $782.00