Substrates, Proteins and Enzymes proposed by HYPHEN BioMed are prepared with highly resolutive purification techniques. They offer a high purity grade, a high specific activity and an excellent stability. Proteins are extracted from first grade biological material (human or bovine plasma, platelet concentrates), which is specifically selected for these preparations. The material is tested in order to offer the required viral safety. These products are presented in the freeze-dried form. Enzymes are then specifically activated and stabilised through well controlled processes. All these biochemicals are particularly useful for all research protocols, for quality control procedures and for developing specific functional assays. According to your needs and the amounts ordered, we can specifically prepare proteins and enzymes according to your specifications. We can also use the excipients required for your specific applications in the lyophilisation process.

Code Name Price  
APP501K Prekallikrein Pool (6 x 2 mL) $738.00
APP501B Prekallikrein Pool (1 x 2 mL) $188.00
AEZ011B Protac® (1 x 5 units) Price Inquiry
APP009A Human Protein C $594.00
APP012A Human Protein S $374.00
APP011A Human Protein Z $374.00
APP006K Human Prothrombin (6 x 1 mg) $715.00
APP006B Human Prothrombin (1 x 1 mg) $151.00
ARE030A-OND Rabbit Recombinant Tissue Factor Price Inquiry
ARP007A Recombinant Human tPA (wild type) (10 µg) $219.00
ARP007C Recombinant Human Protein tPA (wild type) (1 mg) $747.00
AEZ008C-OND Streptokinase (1 x 100,000 units) Price Inquiry
AEZ008B-OND Streptokinase (1 x 10,000 units) Price Inquiry
ABE102B Bovine Thombin (1 x 100 NIH) $120.00
ABE102K Bovine Thrombin (6 x 21 NIH) $157.00
ABE501K Bovine Thrombin (10 x 500 NIH) $2,359.00
ABE501C Bovine Thrombin (1 x 500 NIH) $280.00
ABE102C Bovine Thombin (1 x 1000 NIH) $436.00
ABE102A Bovine Thrombin (1 x 21 NIH) $40.00
APP021B tPA Stimulator (1 x 1 mg) $50.00