XenoScreen YES YAS
XenoScreen XL YES YAS

Rapid, high-sensitivity, combined endocrine disruptor bioassay with YES (yeast estrogen screen) and YAS (yeast androgen screen) for the determination of hormonally active compounds (endocrine disruptors) in environmental, chemical, agrochemical, biocide, pesticide and cosmetic samples. XenoScreen YES YAS and XenoScreen XL YES YAS are in vitro estrogen and androgen receptor transcriptional activation assays. The test kits are designed to identify both activating (agonistic) and inhibiting (antagonistic) properties of test samples but allow also to test for agonistic activity only. Fresh water, waste water, aqueous extracts and leachates, or chemical, agrochemical or cosmetic compounds, and biocides, pesticides, plasticizers, detergents, fire retardants, UV filters or mixtures can be tested for endocrine disruption. The bioassay XenoScreen XL YES YAS includes additional lyticase for increased sensitivity.

Your benefits:

  • High sensitivity up to: 4 x 10-12 M (LoD; XenoScreen XL YES YAS)
  • Standardized procedure with step-by-step instruction manual for first-time success
  • Simultaneous analysis of activating (agonist) and inhibiting (antagonist) behavior
  • Results within 48 hours (XenoScree YES YAS); 18 hours (XenoScreen XL YES YAS)
  • 1-2 hours hands-on time
  • 4 x 96 measuring points: Suggested configuration for XenoScreen YES YAS (2 receptors) allows analysis of 5 samples each in duplicate, 8 dilution steps, detection of agonist and antagonist activities, with positive and solvent controls. Other assay configurations are also possible.
  • Assay for concentrated or diluted samples required 73 µl or 16 µl (XL) as little as sample volumes
  • Excel calculation sheet for evaluation of results

XenoScreen YES

Bioassay "XenoScreen YES" with stably transfected human estrogen receptor measures qualitatively or quantitatively compounds with agonistic hormonal activity on the estrogen receptor only. The kit includes all media, controls, plastic material (except pipette tips) for testing 32 environmental samples, e.g. drinking, surface or waste water, in one concentration. A detailed instruction manual as well as an excel calculation sheet for data evaluation are provided.

Reference Product Name Price
XenoScreen YAS Strain $355.00
XenoScreen YES Strain $355.00
XenoScreen YES / YAS Media Set $470.00
XenoScreen XL YES/YAS $1,750.00
XenoScreen XL YES $580.00
XenoScreen XL YAS $580.00