Calibrators and controls prepared with high quality, selected, human citrated plasma from blood bank healthy donors. They are established against International Standards, when available.

Code Name Price  
A222101 BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator - IVD $436.00
A224501-RUO BIOPHEN Rivaroxaban® Control Plasma $180.00
A222701-RUO BIOPHEN Rivaroxaban® Plasma Calibrator $180.00
A222301 BIOPHEN UFH Calibrator $341.00
A224101 BIOPHEN UFH Control C1 $219.00
A223901 BIOPHEN UFH Control C2 $219.00
A223101 BIOPHEN UFH Control Plasma $219.00
ASC103K DDimer Control Plasma Low $120.00
ASC025K-RUO-OND Plasma Hirudin Control Price Inquiry
ASC020L-RUO-OND Plasma Hirudin Standard High Price Inquiry
ASC020K-RUO-OND Plasma Hirudin Standard Low Price Inquiry
A222401 BIOPHEN V-L CAL (undiluted) $156.00
ASC015K FPA Control $142.00
ASC102K Negative DDimer Control Plasma $120.00
ASC011K Plasma PAI-1 Control $188.00
ASC013K Plasma PF4 control $243.00
ASC050K Plasma Protein S Control $120.00
ASC101K High Positive DDimer Control Plasma $120.00
ASC017K Plasma UTA Control $191.00
A225101-RUO BIOPHEN Rivaroxaban Control Low $180.00