The BIOPHEN®line(2) of reagents is a line of chromogenic assays, which includes calibrators and controls (all CE marked), and generic chromogenic substrates, specific for Haemostasis enzymes.

Chromogenic assays are designed with well characterized enzymes and highly purified biochemical’s, both offering high specificity and activity, and directly prepared by HYPHEN BioMed. Those assays are for testing anti-thrombotic drugs, such as heparins and their analogues, or anticoagulant proteins, such as anti-thrombin (AT) or Protein C (PC), and are CE marked. Reagents offer a prolonged stability following reconstitution.

HYPHEN BioMed also offers chromogenic assays for research use only. They are fully optimized. These specific chromogenic assays are useful for measuring coagulation factors or inhibitors, and can be adapted to automatic instruments. Instrument applications are available upon request.

These methods can be used for testing purified factors in plasma or for concentrates. Calibrators and controls, established against NIBSC International Standards, when available, are proposed separately.

(2) The BIOPHEN®line can be used for manual methods or with any semi-automatic instrument or automates such as STA, STA-R, BCT, BCS, Sysmex, ACL, Cobas, etc... Specific adaptations are available upon request

Code Name Price  
A221511-RUO BIOPHEN Plasminogen (LRT) $280.00
A221211-RUO BIOPHEN Protein C (LRT) $611.00
A221205 BIOPHEN Protein C 5 $864.00
A221304 BIOPHEN FVII $466.00
A221013-RUO Biophen Heparin (LRT) (3x3 mL) $187.00
A221123-RUO BIOPHEN AT anti-(h)-Xa LRT $103.00
A221127-RUO BIOPHEN AT anti-(h)-Xa LRT $256.00
A221015-RUO BIOPHEN Heparin (LRT) 4x5 mL) $345.00
A221005 BIOPHEN ANTI-Xa (2 Stages Heparin Assay) $375.00
A220005 BIOPHEN ANTI-IIa (2 Stages Heparin Assay) $375.00
A224901-RUO BIOPHEN FVIIa Control Set $120.00
A226301-RUO BIOPHEN Calibrator FVIIa $148.00