They are extracted from non-activated citrated human plasma, which is only used for these preparations. Proteins are purified with non-denaturing methods, which keep the structure and the biological activity of the native molecule. Usually proteins are lyophilized in presence of glycine, hepes and sodium chloride. Some preparations are lyophilized with excipients, which do not contain amino groups. This allows using directly the reconstituted products for covalent coupling.

Each protein is packaged with its specification sheet, which includes an analysis certificate, indicating the protein content (Lowry method and absorbance at 280 nm) and the specific activity.

The protein content in each vial is expressed by weight (ìg or mg) and, when required, by its biological content, indicated in Plasma Equivalent Units (PEU) or units (U). One PEU or U is the amount in 1 mL of normal human plasma.

Viral safety: The material used for protein preparation is tested with registered methods and found negative for HIV (1 and 2) antibodies, HBs Ag and HVC antibodies. However, no assay may warrant the total absence of infectious agents. Any product of human origin must then be handled with all the required cautions, as being potentially infectious.

Code Name Price  
APP002B Purified Human Fibrinogen, Plasminogen Free (1 x 100 mg) $228.00
APP001R Purified Human Fibrinogen, Salt Free (1 x 100 mg) $206.00
APP014C Heparin Co-Factor II $1,551.00
APP005C Plasminogen (1 x 5 mg) $899.00
APP005A Plasminogen (1 x 200 µg) $66.00
APP005B Plasminogen (1 x 1.5 mg) $383.00
APP003A Human Platelet Factor 4 (PF4) $640.00
APP501K Prekallikrein Pool (6 x 2 mL) $768.00
APP501B Prekallikrein Pool (1 x 2 mL) $196.00
APP021B tPA Stimulator (1 x 1 mg) $52.00
APP021K tPA Stimulator (6 x 1 mg) $196.00
APP004M Anti-Thrombin (AT) (10 x 3.75 mg) $3,189.00