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Medicago AB is a specialized producer of high quality biochemicals. Our wide assortment includes diverse products such as user-friendly kits and bulk biochemicals.

Core product areas include:

  • Smart Buffers
  • Smart Reagents
  • Absolute Lectins
  • Immuno Reagents
  • Bioactive Proteins
  • Reagents for Biotechnology

Being a commercial, privately-held, Swedish company, Medicago AB is characterized by short decision times with the highest efficiency.

2018 Medicago Product/Price Catalog - Coming Soon!

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Code Name Price  
A16-0023-1000 Tween 20 (1000 ml) $90.00
A16-0023-250 Tween 20 (250 ml) $36.00
A16-0024-500 Glycerol (Glycerin) (500 ml) $52.00
A16-0025-500 Urea (500 grams) $90.00
A16-0026-100 Bovine Serum Albumin (100 grams) $244.00
A16-0026-500 Bovine Serum Albumin (500 grams) $1,026.00
A16-0027-100 Agarose (100 grams) $167.00
A16-0027-500 Agarose (500 grams) $474.00
A18-2001-1 Encephalitozoon cuniculi CIA (Carbon Immuno Assay) $509.00
A18-2002-3ml Encephalitozoon cuniculi whole cell antigen suspension (3 ml) Price Inquiry
A18-2003-3ml Toxoplasma gondii whole cell antigen suspension (3 ml) $587.00
A18-4001-1ml Rabbit antiserum against Encephalitozoon cuniculi (1 ml) $920.00
A18-4002-1ml Rat antiserum against Encephalitozoon cuniculi (1 ml) $1,572.00
A18-5001-1ml Rabbit antiserum against Toxoplasma gondii (1 ml) $920.00
A18-6010-3ml Carbon suspension for CIA test (3 ml) $239.00
A18-9001-1 Encephalitozoon cuniculi ELISA $846.00