All kind of environmental samples, such as drinking, surface or waste water, sediments, air can be tested with the Ames MPF 98/100, Ames II or Ames MPF Aqua Kits. The Ames MPF Aqua has been designed to screen for mutagenic compounds or mixtures in waste water without concentrating the test sample prior to the analysis of the compound.

Ames MPF 98/100 and Ames II kits have a high sensitivity, specificity and can be used to test drinking water after sample concentration with SPE columns.

Code Name Price  
AF06-118-OND umuC EASY AQ $599.00
AJ05-210 AMES MPF 98/100 AQUA $1,406.00
AJ05-210-S1-P AMES MPF 98/100 AQUA - with S9 and Positive Controls $1,764.00