UmuC Easy AQ (aequous sample) and UmuC Easy CS (concentrated sample) are ready-to-use kits for the detection of potentially genotoxic compounds by induction of the SOS response in S. typhimurium TA1535 [pSK1002]. The test kits are used for testing all kind of chemicals, waste, river or drinking water; sediments, soil, air or industrial effluents. Both kits come with optimized protocols but can also be used for the original ISO/FDIS 13829 procedure.

Your benefits:

  • Includes strain TA1535 [pSK1002] and media as described in ISO/FDIS 13829
  • Can be used with the optimized Xenometrix protocol or with the original ISO procedure
  • 1-day microplate format genotoxicity assay
  • Can also be used for screening crosslinking chemical compounds
  • Can be used with and without microsomal rat liver S9
  • Reliable performance ensured by quality-controlled reagents and detailed instruction manual
  • Excel calculation sheet available for easy data handling and result interpretation

Code Name Price  
AF06-118-OND umuC EASY AQ $599.00
AG06-118-OND umuC EASY CS $568.00