Polyclonal antibodies are usually developed in rabbits, boosted with highly purified immunogens. Antibodies are then purified by immunoaffinity techniques, giving preparations with high activity and with the lowest background noise. Antibodies are lyophilized in presence of glycine, hepes and calcium chloride. The polyclonal antibodies proposed by HYPHEN BioMed are produced by a prolonged immunization of host animals. They offer a high avidity, an excellent specificity, and a homogeneous reactivity to the specific protein. All the antibodies are purified by immunoaffinity through binding to the specific purified antigen, covalently coupled to sepharose 4B. They are then stabilized and lyophilized. These preparations are highly reactive, at low concentrations, and can be used for all the immunological methods. They are suitable for gel precipitation techniques, immunofixation and Western blot protocols.