All the vitamin K dependent factors are extracted from fresh frozen and thawed human citrated plasma with the following procedure: adsorption-elution on baryum citrate; ammonium sulfate salt fractionation; combination of ion exchange, affinity and gel filtration chromatographies.

The final preparation is very homogeneous and keeps the full activity of the native protein. All purification steps are performed with great care and using specific cautions, in order to avoid any activation during the process. No inhibitory activity is present in the final product, which is then stabilized and lyophilized

Code Name Price  
APP007A Human Factor IX $485.00
APP013A Human Factor VII $1,228.00
APP008A Human Factor X $325.00
APP009A Human Protein C $618.00
APP012A Human Protein S $389.00
APP011A Human Protein Z $389.00
APP006K Human Prothrombin (6 x 1 mg) $744.00
APP006B Human Prothrombin (1 x 1 mg) $158.00