Chromogenic assays for testing Factor VIII:C activity in plasma or concentrates, in the high or low range.

Factor VIII is a high molecular weight plasma protein which serves as a cofactor to factor IXa in its activation of factor X to factor Xa.

Deficiency of factor VIII causes a severe bleeding disorder, hemophilia A. The severity of this bleeding disorder is inversely related to the factor VIII concentration. Hemophilia A patients are generally classified mild, moderate or severe, according to their factor VIII activity.

Code Name Price  
A221406-RUO BIOPHEN FVIII:C (6) $556.00
A221402-RUO BIOPHEN FVIII:C $325.00
ADP040K-RUO FVIII:C Deficient Plasma (6 x 1 mL) $325.00
ADP040A-RUO FVIII:C Deficient Plasma (1 x 1 mL) $66.00