Human Cytokine Fluorospot Kits
The FluoroSpot kits have been designed to identify individual cells that release two different cytokines. Double-cytokine secreting cells are visualized by using two fluorescent-labeled detector antibodies. Kits are supplied with PVDF membrane-bottomed (PVDF) plates which are optimized for fluorescent purposes.

Code Name Price  
ACT854-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-13 FluoroSpot kit $1,076.00
ACT852-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-2 FluoroSpot kit $1,076.00
ACT851-F2 Human IFN-γ / TNF-alpha FluoroSpot kit $1,076.00
ACT855-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-17A FluoroSpot kit $1,076.00
ACT853-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-5 FluoroSpot kit $1,076.00
ACT850-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-10 FluoroSpot kit $1,076.00
ACT856-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-1β FluoroSpot kit $1,105.00
ACT857-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-4 FluoroSpot kit $1,105.00
ACT858-F2 Human IFN-γ / IL-6 FluoroSpot kit $1,105.00