LDHe Extracellular Lactate Dehydrogenase - 1200 tests

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LDHe Extracellular Lactate Dehydrogenase - 1200 tests
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Colorimetric assay for the quantification of membrane integrity and cellular viability in response to pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental compounds, and nutrients.

Extracellular LDH test principle: Cell death or cytotoxicity is classically evaluated by the quantification of plasma membrane damage. Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is a stable cytoplasmic enzyme present in all cells, and is rapidly released into the cell culture supernatant upon membrane damage or cell lysis. This assay is a fast and simple method to determine changes in the plasma membrane upon incubation with a test compound LDH activity reduces pyruvate to lactate by oxidizing NADH to NAD+. NADH degradation is measured spectrophotometrically by a decrease in the OD at 340 nm.


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