Carbonate-bicarbonate buffer with AZIDE, pH 9.6, 100 ml (50 tablets)

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Carbonate-bicarbonate buffer with AZIDE, pH 9.6, 100 ml (50 tablets)
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Product Description

Specifically developed for protein-coating procedures on microtiter plates and plastic for RIA and EIA techniques. The buffer is supplied in tablets with two formulations, one of which contains 0.05% sodium azide as preservative.


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A09-8932-50 50 tablets
Features Specifications Applications
Supplied with and without sodium azide as preservative.
Pre-set pH.
Exactly pre-weighed tablets.
Highest purity and quality.
Ready to use in minutes.
Chemicals: Analytical grade.
Format: Exactly pre-weighed tablets.
Composition: 0.050 M sodium carbonate-bicarbonate buffer, pH 9.6 at 25°C.
Volume: 100 ml.
pH: 9.6 ± 0.05 at 25°C.
Protein coating on microtiter plates and plastic tubes for RIA and EIA.
Coupling buffer when immobilizing proteins on chromatography media such as agarose.


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