Activator I + II

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Activator I + II
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5-plate (plates NOT included). Specificity: Provides the substrate for the ELISPOT assay based on silver staining performed on polystyrene or PVDF membrane-bottomed plates. Contents: 9.5 ml Activator I and 9.5 ml Activator II. Application: Mix the Activator I and II solution 1:1 and add 35 µl/well in the final step of the U-CyTech ELISPOT assay. Spot development will take place between 15 to 30 minutes and can be monitored by light microscopy. When clear (microscopally black and visually yellow/brown) spots have developed, stop the reaction by rinsing the wells with demineralised water. Air-dry the plate at room temperature. Silver-stained spots are highly stable and spot quality is preserved for minimal one year when the plate is stored at a dry place. The product should be used in conjunction with GABA conjugate (ACT351).


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ACT355 5-plate

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