Human IgE B cell ELISPOT kit (5 plate)

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Human IgE B cell ELISPOT kit (5 plate)
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5-plate format (plates NOT included)

With the B cell ELISPOT (Enzyme-linked ImmunoSPOT) assay it is possible to investigate the presence of antibody secreting cells (ASC) in blood or tissues samples.

The traditional method to monitor a B cell response generated after immunization or infection is to quantify specific antibody titers in serum by ELISA. The ELISA method is a straightforward way to measure serum antibody titers, however, the assay does not give any information about the number and location of the ASCs. This is where the B cell ELISPOT assay is useful. The assay has been designed to identify and determine the number of individual ASCs in single cell suspensions.

Memory B cells, which have a long lifespan, play a central role in the humoral immune response. Under natural conditions these B cells do not proliferate or produce antibodies until they are activated by re-exposure to a specific antigen. While being inactive, the presence these cells can not be determined by ELISA. A major advantage of the B cell ELISPOT is its ability to activate ex vivo antigen-specific memory B cells, whereafter they can be detected by this assay.

The B cell ELISPOT is the assay of choice to determine the magnitude and longevity of protection against a specific infectious disease. The B cell ELISPOT assay is useful in different fields of biomedical research including vaccine development, infection research, drug treatment, autoimmune diseases and allergy.

Coating antibodies (to determine total number IgE secreting B cells)
Biotinylated detector antibodies
B cell stimulus
Streptavidin-HRP conjugate
AEC coloring system
Blocking stock solution R
Dilution buffer R
Detailed manual


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Human IgE B cell ELISPOT kit Human IgE B cell ELISPOT kit Human IgE B cell ELISPOT kit Human IgE B cell ELISPOT kit