Purified Human Factor XIIa (1 x 100 ng)

Research Use Only.
Purified Human Factor XIIa (1 x 100 ng)
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Highly purified Factor (α) XIIa (also known as Prekallicrein Activator) from citrated human plasma, activated from human FXII using Dextran sulphate, removed after activation.


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AEZ012A-OND 1 x 100 ng N/A
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Molecular Weight = 80,000 Da
100 ng corresponds to about 0.80 IU.
Factor XIIa (prekallicrein activator) highly purified from human plasma (human FactorXII activated using dextran sulphate, removed after activation).
100 ng (1 ml) Research studies or protocols where a source of highly purified human Factor XIIa is required.

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Human Factor XIIa Enzyme
Human Factor XIIa Enzyme N/A N/A