Trichosanthes Japonica Agglutinin 1 (TJA-1) (100 mg)

Trichosanthes Japonica Agglutinin 1 (TJA-1) (100 mg)

Code: A05-0036-100
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 05-0036-100
Product size: 100 mg

Price: Discontinued

Product Description

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Trichosanthes Japonica Agglutinin 1 (TJA-1) (100 mg) is along with its isolectin Trichosanthes Japonica Agglutinin 2 (TJA-II) isolated from the root tubers of Japanese gourd. They are highly purified and one purification step involves bio specific affinity chromatography to ensure highest possible binding affinity. They both have affinity for lactose but while TJA-II favours fucose α1->2 lactose TJA-I favours acidic groups coupled to N-Acetyl-D-lactosamine in 1,4 position.

Product Characteristics

  • Two variants
  • Affinity for lactose
  • Ultrapure quality

Product Components

  • 100 mg

Product Applications

Diagnosis of colon cancer (TJA-I).

Anti-H agglutinin Trichosanthes Japonica Agglutinin 2 (TJA-II).

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