Glycine Max Lectin (SBA) (1 g)

Glycine Max Lectin (SBA) (1 g)

Code: A05-0117-1000
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 05-0117-1000
Product size: 1 g
Clearance: RUO

Product Description

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Glycine max lectin SBA (Soy bean agglutinin) is isolated from soy bean by affinity chromatography. The protein has 4 subunits and a molecular weight of 120 kDa. SBA is not blood group specific. It displays carbohydrate binding specifity for N-acetyl-D-galactosamine and galactopyranosyl residues of glycoproteins.

The lectin interacts better with neuramidase-treated cells than with untreated cells. It possesses selective affinity for lymphocytes and human CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells. Immobilized conjugates of SBA are therefore important tools for removing T-cells in bone marrow transplantation.

Glycine max lectin is supplied without preservatives as a white to cream-coloured lyophilized powder from 50 mM NH4HCO3, 10 µM CaCl2.

For laboratory use only.

Product Characteristics

  • Binding specificity for N-acetyl-D-galactosamine.
  • Specificity for blood group: A1 > A2 >> B.
  • High activity.

Product Components

  • Appearance: White to cream colored lyophilized powder.
  • Source: Soy bean.
  • Molecular weight: 120 kDa.
  • Sugar specificity: D-GalNAc.
  • Activity: Less than 4 µg/mL will agglutinate fresh A1 cells. Older B cells can be stronger than A2 cells. Blood group specificity: A1 > A2 >> B.
  • Microorganisms: < 100 CFU/g.
  • Protein content: > 80%, OD280nm (ε 1.28 = 1 mg/mL).
  • Identity: SDS-PAGE, one band corresponding to the four identical subunits.
  • Shelf life: Three years when stored at -20°C.

Product Applications

Studies of SBA-binding normal and tumour cells.

Blood group agglutination.

Glycoprotein studies.

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